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Web APIs: The real existential questions

The real existential questions I was talking to my buddy Alexandre about Web APIs and we had a great general discussion on the subject. What he made me realize and what I want to bring up with you guys is that building APIs goes beyond the technical implementation. Sometimes you have to look at things from a higher point of view. He shared with me with the following questions that I found very interesting. How do you project your backend API? How do you protect your core business systems? How do you enforce your IT and business policies? How do you engage with developers? How do you reduce the time-to-first API call? How do you measure their use and impact? Before…

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Web APIs: what you should not forget

In today’s day and age, you probably have heard of (REST) Web APIs as the way to consume data over the web. This is especially true with the emergence of microservices. You are probably building, have built or thinking of building a/some Web API(s). You are or may be planning to consume a/some Web API(s). In this post, I want to highlight certain things not to forget, on a technical stand point, when consuming and building Web APIs. Remember that those are just a start. There are multiple resources on the internet to help you adopt good practices. A good one that I recommend is the Microsoft API Implementation guide. TL;DR In building APIs: Versioning Verbs to nouns Status codes overload…

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