Software Architecture

The importance of good logging

Lately, as you may have noticed through my other posts, I’ve been doing a lot of migration and DevOps. I’ve had my fair share of problems and the fact that I was able to skim through the logs for clues helped me put everything into production. I want to discuss in this post the importance of good information logging whether it is general information for the user or errors occurring in the application. Often we see applications not having any logs or the logs they provide are poor in content. Every system is different; not every system is configured the same way and/or has the same applications installed. Here are some points that should be followed by every developer when it comes…

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Continuous Integration, Web

ASP.NET Core web.config publishing blues

I’ve been working on being able to use Octopus Deploy to deploy ASP.NET Core applications through IIS and I was faced with an interesting challenge. When publishing to a File System through the Visual Studio Publish command, it will trigger a PowerShell script that essentially will call Microsoft Web Deploy V3 (msdeploy) to put your FileSystem up to date with your release. But before calling MSDeploy, it will update (or should I say overwrite) your web.config with the proper handlers that match your application. This means that it will create a generic web.config and removing all the settings you may want. The ASP.NET team is aware I believe of the fact that the publishing tool is limited and thus in need of some customization features…

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Server administration

Having IIS and Tomcat running side by side on Windows

It has been an interesting week for me as I’ve been doing a lot of DevOps and migrating a lot of the internal tools that we use. One problem I faced with was to make IIS and Tomcat friends. It must be easy right? Setup IIS, setup Tomcat, bind each to a respective IP address so they can run on the regular ports (80/443). You start IIS, you start Tomcat and then you look at the logs of Tomcat and you get the famous Address already in use exception. There’s a solution. By default, IIS goes through HTTP.sys and binds to all available IP addresses. You have to tell it which addresses it can be bound to. To do that,…

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C#, Web

Two-Factor authentication in ASP.NET Identity 3 using TOTP authenticator

Two-Factor authentication is becoming more critical especially in business applications where sensitive and/or critical data can be accessed. A business application should communicate on a secure channel (https) and should implement Two-Factor as a minimum for their users especially if they can access the application remotely, which means everywhere. You could obviously skip the Two-Factor authentication when the user is on the intranet. This is not implemented in this article. What is a Two-Factor authentication? I will give a brief overview of what Two-Factor authentication actually is. As Joel Franusic described it in his post Two-Factor Authentication or TFA is a method where your users are required to log in with two “factors”: a password, and a code from a device that…

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A way to manage nodejs and npm on windows

For the ones starting with NodeJS and NPM on windows, you probably are asking yourself how to update those when a security flaw is found or when a new version comes out. There is a way. Updating NPM You can update NPM by using npm-windows-upgrade If you want to skip all the reading of their page, here’s the parts that you need to know (excerpt from the page): First, ensure that you can execute scripts on your system by running the following command from an elevated PowerShell. To run PowerShell as Administrator, click Start, search for PowerShell, right-click PowerShell and select Run as Administrator.

Then, to install and use this upgrader tool, run (also from an elevated PowerShell or…

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Angular, React, Web

Angular2 or React in the business environment

In 2015 and 2016, React was at the top of front end libraries for creating reusable components. AngularJS (Angular 1) was being slowly left behind; the Google team after 5 years of development learned from the users and came out with Angular 2. The framework was rewritten completely and it really is an amazing accomplishment. As a software architect, a key task of my job is to evaluate the current and future tools, frameworks and libraries out there and see if one of more could potentially be a fit for the development team. As you probably know, they are a lot of articles comparing both React and Angular 2. As a user of both, I want to share with you my findings….

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A real hello world!

Hello world! I love being a developer and I’m incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to make a passion my job. 2017 is a new year into which I want to embark on a new journey; a journey with you, yes you. You may be wondering what I mean by this. Well it’s fairly simple; I want to learn with you. I want to share with you my struggles, my ideas and my discoveries. I want to learn from yours as well! A friend of mine once told me Surround yourself with those who help you progress. A true crew doesn’t stay stagnant or drag each other down. If I eat, we all eat That’s right. We are here to better…

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